Sunday, January 10, 2010

Silver Lining

Okay, so they say that every cloud has a silver lining, right? Right. Yesterday, while getting a jumpstart on some spring cleaning, I suffered what must have been an allergic reaction to the chemicals in one of the cleaners. The overwhelming smell (stench) of PineSol left me sneezing for hours until it got so bad that I could barely breathe at all.

Now considering that I grew up in the South where PineSol is a staple in many a home and I have cleaned with it for years, I am confused by my own reaction. A couple of other cleansers were also being used, but it seemed to be the PineSol that completely shut down my sinuses. Is it possible that the makers of PineSol have changed the chemical makeup of their product? Seriously, I spent a great deal of time yesterday trying to break down the situation and come up with a reasonable explanation. Then it hit me. If I'm allergic (read: can't breathe) to household cleaners (we'll just say yes) then it stands to reason that I can no longer do housework. hehehe

Yeah ... that's the ticket ... let's not over analyze the situation. Since breathing is one of those critical functions we all need to be able to do in order to survive, I think from now on I simply won't be able to do any housework at all. Sorta of makes the whole "I can't breathe thing" totally worthwhile.

Gotta love that silver lining. :-)

So I guess for the next couple of days the only thing I will be doing with any thoughtful consistency is well ... breathing.

Intro to Screenwriting II starts up this Saturday which means it's time to put my butt in a chair, my fingers on the keyboard, and resume typing away madly.

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